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Female migrants – Realm of modern day slavery


Morshed Ali Khan ›   Young Bangladeshi female migrants, working in the middle eastern and other oil-rich countries are increasingly subjected to torture and sexual abuse by their employers. Sources in Bangladesh embassy in Riyadh said that of the victims, younger ones become more vulnerable despite their legal status in the destination countries. In many cases […]

Homecoming in Coffins

Homecoming in coffins_09

Morshed Ali Khan ›   Bangladeshi migrant workers experienced the worst year in 2017, with around 3,500 dead bodies sent back from different countries, the highest number ever in a single year. Most of these migrant workers who died due to “heart attacks and strokes” were between the ages of 30 and 45 — an unlikely […]

Kids of the betel nut industry

Zahirul descending from a tree with a bunch of betel nut.

Report & Photos Morshed Ali Khan  ›   In an early morning of November recently, a group of a dozen boys between the ages of six and 15 gather by a betel nut orchard at a remote village of Choto Biraljhuri of Kowkhali upazila 230 km south of the capital Dhaka. The kids are here […]

Dramatic midnight rescue at Meghna


Report By Morshed Ali Khan  ›   Staffs of a passenger launch, MV Pubali, plying between Bhandaria and Dhaka dramatically rescued a 18-year old girl from the middle of the river Meghna at around 2 am Friday, October 21. The young girl Nasreen from Betagi in Barguna, was on her way to Dhaka from Barisal […]

VIP syndrome at Mawa ghat

Officials escorting a VIP

Report & Photos Morshed Ali Khan  ›   The scene is at Mawa Ghat, one of two ferry points in the country for millions of people trying to cross the 14-kilometer wide mighty river Padma to celebrate Eid back home. For everyone it is a weeklong government holiday. It is September 9, 2016, four days […]

Vocational training is the answer

Yasin at his workplace

Emran Hossain  ›   A six-month course on cell phone repairing at a vocational training center has changed the life of Yasin Ali and his family hailing from a village about 120 km north of Dhaka. He was only an eighth grader, when his landless family migrated to Dhaka from Mymensingha’s Muktagachha in 2004. For the […]

Aftermath of terror: Sale of metal detectors skyrockets

A security equipment shop at national stadium market

Story and Photos by Emran Hossain   Demand for security equipment has skyrocketed in the wake of unprecedented terrorist attacks in the country. The rush to buy is so high that some importers and retailers have run out of their stocks of metal detectors, archways, close circuit cameras and other equipment. The business of security equipment […]

“These people are beasts, not Muslims”

Scenes in Road 79, Gulshan in the next morning

By Morshed Ali Khan   The news of terrorists attacking a Spanish restaurant in Gulshan shocked the entire country on the holy day of Ramadan’s last Friday. As the drama on Road 79 of the upmarket area of Gulshan unfolded, people throughout the country were, in total disbelief, glued to their TV sets throughout the […]

Road safety or deathtraps?

A barrier in the Dhaka-Patura highway, which shows visible signs of accidents at high speed.

Dhaka-Paturia Highway   Photos and report by Morshed Ali Khan   When on August 13, 2011 Tarek Masud, Ashfaque Munier and three other people were killed in a road accident on the Dhaka-Paturia highway, the nation cried out for road safety.  The deadly highway known as the N5 came under scrutiny. Ministers, so-called experts and […]

Sundarbans sullied by visitors’ rubbish

Even though there are a few scattered waste bins in different tourist areas in the sundarbans, the litter is scattered around them

The forest department is in a dilemma over how to manage a huge volume of garbage littered by an increasing number of tourists visiting the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world. With the number of tourists increasing every year, Sundarbans faces the worst littering problem with discarded polythene bags, plastic and glass bottles […]

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