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Several hundred Rohingyas manage shelter in Teknaf


Report & Photo Morshed Ali Khan ›   Hundreds of Rohingyas crossed the Myanmar border into Bangladesh in the wee hours yesterday and took shelter at different places including the Leda refugee camp at Mochina, some 15km north of Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar coastal area.   Most of the families who managed to enter Bangladesh leaving […]

‘I grabbed my children and ran’


Report & Photo Morshed Ali Khan ›   Refugees fleeing the ongoing Myanmar army crackdown on the Rohingya community in northern Rakhine state bring with them harrowing tales of brutal atrocity which shock the conscience.   Traumatised and terror-stricken survivors recounted to this correspondent the Myanmar army’s modus operandi of rounding up several families, then forcing […]

Rohingay refugee exodus continues


Report & Photo Morshed Ali Khan, back from Teknaf  ›   Even though the Bangladesh government has ignored their pleas, a vast majority of 1.5 million Rohingyas in the Rakhaine state of Myanmar are reportedly preparing to flee their country.   Since World War II Myanmar has treated the Rohingyas in the most barbaric manner […]

Rohingyas desperate as atrocities continue


Report & Photo Morshed Ali Khan  ›   While atrocities on Rohingyas continue across the Naf River, the Border Guard Bangladesh has reinforced its troops from elsewhere of the country and pushed back thousands of Rohingyas fleeing the persecution in the Rakhine state of Myanmar.   The Rohingya families, mostly women and children, hungry, tired […]

Travel in South-Asia like never before

Security forces take part in a parade at the Benapole-Petrapole Border

Sub-regional co-operation may be hitting new heights in the coming months. Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan look set to sign a deal, which could see unrestricted movement of vehicles between the countries within the end of the year. If implemented, the historic move would resemble something similar to traveling in the countries within the European […]

Why the talk in Europe is all about Greece


With a national debt of 316.97 billion Euros as at the end of 2014, Greece is facing the largest economic crisis in its history. After one of the largest bail-outs in global economic history in 2010, the Greek economy has been a serious cause for concern in the Euro-zone. After joining the EU in Jan, […]

The Cold War lives on

In ’89, it looked as though the war had finally ended. For five decades the conflict had ground on, and both sides had grown weary of it all. There had been previous pauses in the hostilities, even a détente or two, but this truce looked permanent. Sure, there were still tensions after ’89, and a […]

United States launches first airstrikes in Syria


The United States and Arab allies bombed Syria for the first time on Tuesday, killing dozens of ISIS fighters and members of a separate Al Qaeda-linked group, pursuing a campaign against militants into a war at the heart of West Asia. “I can confirm that U.S. Military and partner nation forces are undertaking military action […]

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