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Dhanmondi lake contaminated by mysterious toxic waste

Neglected western part of Dhanmandi lake and it's polluted water

source site Report & Photos Morshed Ali Khan  ›   The Dhanmondi lake water in the western part has been severely contaminated with toxic wastewater, a recent laboratory test conducted by the Department of Environment (DoE) reveals. The water of the lake between Road 32 Bridge and Road 27 (a stretch of about 250 meters) has turned […]

Poisoning the population

Koli shows how she purifies her pond water with a piece of mineral called fitkeri or alum

go to site Arsenic, salinity, iron and bacteria poison Bagerhat water   By Morshed Ali Khan, back from Bagerhat  Photographs by Syeda Farhana   Arsenic, salinity, iron and bacterial pathogens have severely contaminated both the ground and surface water sources in the entire region of Bagerhat. Acute shortage of safe water in all the nine Upazilas (sub-divisions) of […]

Noise Pollution: the silent killer

An aerial view of Dhaka city, with the abundance of apartment blocks

 By Morshed Ali Khan   About forty families in two separate apartment blocks in Dhanmondi were in a dilemma. The entire one bigha plot next door was handed over to a developer. Soon the workers started demolishing the old two-story building manually. The hammering noise continued from early morning till late in the evening. Billowing […]

Defiance is the name of the game

Unbaked bricks waiting to be baked in the large kiln in the Savar area.

 Greenhouse gas emissions   Thousands of brick kiln owners continue to defy the year-old law that makes it mandatory for them to adapt environmentally friendly technology to reduce air pollution. In a recent public notification in national newspapers, the Department of Environment (DoE) reminded the kiln owners regarding the law that came into force on July […]

The dark side of Dhanmondi Lake

The stretch of Dhanmondi lake which remains in utter neglect, with litter and construction material by its banks

The Chief Town Planner of the Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) has no clue regarding the development project of Dhanmondi lake area, expanding over three kilometers in the heart of the megacity Dhaka. “My department has never been involved in any lake development project of the city, please ask the engineering department,” says Sirajul Islam, […]

Rampal Coal Power Project: A curse for the world

Suicide: The pollution from a coal powered plant

  If anyone votes “yes” to coal based power plant, please ask the Americans. With over 500 coal based power plants dotted around the USA today, each American goes to bed every day with the guilt of being the largest polluter of this planet. For America it had all started very early 20th century.  Cursed […]

Kuakata ancient sail ship in tatters

The 50-foot chain displayed next to the ship near Kuakata Zero point.

The 200-year-old wooden sail ship, salvaged from under the beach in Kuakata at a cost of over one crore taka now lies in tatters due to a lack of conservation efforts. In 2013, engineers of the Bangladesh Army salvaged the ancient ship, believed to be a schooner. They painstakingly laid railway tracks over a distance […]

Natural conch shells being plundered for profit


Tons of natural conch shells are now being extracted every day from the water bodies (haor and bils) of Bagerhat and Faridpur to sell as fish feeds across the districts. The indiscriminate extraction of these shells could lead to an ecological imbalance in these water bodies, which have been extremely rich in flora and fauna […]

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